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Audrey Salmon, violin
Brilliant classical violinist and Miss Alaska 2000,
Audrey is also a two-time Alaska State Fiddling
Champion. Her classical playing has won her
numerous awards and sent her around the globe
performing. She has given chamber music
performances with her award-winning Blue Rose
Trio in the USA, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Shanghai,
Hong Kong, Brazil, and southern France.
She holds a Young Artist Certificate and Bachelors
at the Cleveland Institute of Music, and a Masters
and post-graduate certificate from the University
of Southern California. Ms. Salmon has been a
soloist with many orchestras, and has won
numerous music competitions, including the Coleman
Barstow String Award at the Coleman National Chamber
Music Competition, and the Anchorage Festival of Music’s
Young Alaskan Artist Award. She won the title of Miss Alaska
2000 in the Miss Alaska Scholarship Competition, and had hundreds of
performing and speaking engagements promoting her platform of music
of music education in the US. She performs in rock and folk bands playing electric
violin in Los Angeles, performs with artists such as Britney Spears on Saturday
Night Live, records for pop artists albums as a studio musician. She directs the
summer “ Chamber Music Intensive” in Anchorage, presenting concerts and
workshops for students.
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